Selling Clothes from an Independent Online Store

Benefits of Selling Clothes from an Independent Online Store

Starting your online clothing shop can be quite frightening. It’s like admitting to your boys that you haven’t watched even a single episode of GOT, this is the reason a lot of people prefer the online marketplace. We are going to look at some of the benefits of selling your products from an independent online store.

Your brand your rules

Branding is an essential factor in the success of your business. When you buy items from big companies like Amazon, everything will come branded the name of the company including the box used to pack your product. Rarely will you get mentioned. Having your online store and selling from it allows you and the customer to have a more personal relationship. Being in a position to personalize your store as you please is quite essential. Selz has quality themes and an easy to use store editor that helps you create an excellent website that represents your brand.

Loyalty is everything

Word of mouth and customer loyalty are essential in any business. Getting customer loyalty in the marketplace stores is difficult. Hence it becomes hard to get repeat clients. You can come up with ways and strategies to build a stronger relationship with your customer, and in return, it establishes a loyalty based community.

Cut-out, the middleman

When you are doing business in the market stores you will have to pay several fees for seller rights, listings, warehousing, final sale and all other distribution costs. Having a less greedy middleman can open new possibilities of expansion, and you save that money or use it in other areas of your business. But when dealing with these big platforms mostly you become a commodity rather than a priority.

Keeping your customer’s information

Being in a position to get your clients emails is a bonus for an independent online clothing store. Marketplaces such as eBay, Amazon or Etsy give you no room or access to this type of information. This information is essential because without it you won’t be in a position to contact your clients by creating mail listings and discounts that will draw them back to your store to make other purchases.


When you are the one solely running your online store, you make the decisions. You will decide on discounts, pricing, promotions and your Instagram profile. You don’t have to share headship with anyone.

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